August update

I’ve been away again. Hmm, not much of a consistent blogger but I am here. I’ve been working on crocheting things for my etsy store as requested by a family member and some friends. It’s all infant hats and photo props. I truly enjoy making small things. They go quick and are so so cute!

In quilting – I’ve returned to working on the bug foster quilt top. I need to find fabric for bags and get those done and sent to my friend. I’m also planning a gift quilt for Christmas for a new family member. I’ve been commissioned to do a queen sized quilt. I need to get on that one. 🙂

I’m going to be sewing up some clothes, eeks! I just decided to make my MIL’s dress and my shirt for my BIL’s wedding in a few weeks. I sure hope it goes easily and fast.

My biggest project is the wedding favors for said wedding in September. I’ve been commissioned to make them and am having fun doing it. Talk about waiting until the last minute though. LOL!

I’ll share pictures soon. Until then, what is keeping you busy in the craft room?


About madebyalh

I am a daughter of God, military spouse, mother of two and one who must do some sort of crafty thing daily.
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