A finish!

I just finished up a very late Christmas present.

quilted wall hangingquilted wall hangingquilted wall hangingquilted wall hanging

I’m so excited to have this wall hanging completed. Now I just need to throw it in the wash and package it for shipping.

Now on to my next finish. I was asked several months ago to finish up a cross stitch that my best friends mom was working on when she passed last year. I just have a bit of the outlining left. So, this is my next project to complete and ship…


About madebyalh

I am a daughter of God, military spouse, mother of two and one who must do some sort of crafty thing daily.
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2 Responses to A finish!

  1. Angela says:

    What a lovely wallhanging! The colors go very well together….nice job!

  2. madebyalh says:

    Thank you so much! 🙂

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