Sewing machine drama

I just have to share a little bit of a recent experience that has led to a new addition to my sewing treasures.

About a year ago I was using a simple Singer sewing machine just doing straight stitches and getting my projects done with simple joy. Then around my birthday, I received a Brother computerized sewing machine. Wow! What a difference! It took some getting used to but my enjoyment of sewing and quilting certainly increased. Recently though, that machine has been giving me fits. The tension has been wonky no matter what I tried to do to get it fixed. So I decided to call the local sewing machine shop and get my Brother machine tuned up and looked at. I was hoping not to receive “the call” telling me that the repairs wouldn’t be worth the value of the machine but I did receive that call. I was sad but I expected it.

In comes this machine:

My Janome

Introducing my new treasure – my Janome. This little baby is a wonderful machine to use and work with. I worked up the Pinky cowgirl baby doll quilt on this in 1 day! I’m still learning and adjusting to this little guy but I totally enjoy my time at the machine now. It has automatic tension control and a large neck area to fit a quilt through. I also just found a really cool tool that attaches to the sewing foot that helps control my actual quilt stitches. I can’t wait to try that out!

I am blessed beyond measure to have the ability to purchase this machine. I’ve told my husband that this is my birthday and mother’s day gift. It was so expensive but so worth it.


About madebyalh

I am a daughter of God, military spouse, mother of two and one who must do some sort of crafty thing daily.
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2 Responses to Sewing machine drama

  1. Oooh – she’s pretty!!! I’m a horrible seamstress – I admire others who are good at it!!

  2. madebyalh says:

    Thanks! She’s lovely to work with. I’m still learning my way around sewing and quilting. My seam ripper is my best friend. LOL!

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