Quick check in

Hi everyone! If there is anyone out there, I’m just checking in to let you know that I’ll be back soon. I’ve recently finished up the main parts of 2 quilt tops for the foster homes in Washington.

Right now my time is being taken up with the last few days of a visit with my Dad and celebrating my husbands birthday. I just finished up the birthday clean up for my husband. It was a great evening of good food. Now, I’m ready for some sleep.

I hope I’ll have some readers when I get back to posting more frequently again.

What are you doing with your time?


About madebyalh

I am a daughter of God, military spouse, mother of two and one who must do some sort of crafty thing daily.
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2 Responses to Quick check in

  1. Angela says:

    Hasn’t been my best blogging week either, although over all I do have I think 12 or 13 posts for April. Enjoy your time with your dad, those memories are priceless for sure. I am trying to get my crafty back too, kinda dropped the ball on it the last few weeks. I will check in with you soon, have a wonderful week. Angela

  2. madebyalh says:

    I’m glad I’m not alone in that! 🙂 My time with my dad was precious and went by way too fast. Now I’m starting in on a 31 day to clean challenge and will have to work on how to fit it all in including crafting. It has to happen but how, I’m not sure as of yet.

    I hope you find your craftiness again! I’m going to go check into your blog now. 🙂

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