Home Management Notebook

Over the years, I have attempted to put together a home management notebook. I always thought it was a very good idea to be organized in this manner. The past attempts to follow one specific system has not worked out. This left me feeling like I failed yet again. I was also left floudering. I enjoy lists and writing things down. Problem is I’d write them on this note pad or that notepad then loose the notes. That habit does not lead to productivity. Matter of fact, it leads to a lot of frustrations and more feelings of failure.

I’ve been praying about our home lately. My prayers have been in regards to peacefulness and productivity. I’ve since tripped upon this website and that website full of wonderful printable lists. Oh boy!! 🙂 These websites made my list loving heart go pitter pat with happiness.

The printables from yourway.net are free unless you want to buy them in download packs.

Listplanit has 3 different memberships that you can pay for. One is for just printing. The 2nd is for downloading and the third is a professional membership. I have not read anything about the professional membership. I went for the printing membership a few days ago. I truly enjoy being able to print whatever I want, when I want.

Through this journey today, I have discovered that I truly enjoy mind mapping my goals. I am so excited about seeing my goals in this manner. This will help me break the big goals into smaller goals then into step by step processes to reach the goals. Phew, I’m so excited!

Here’s the outside of my notebook:

Front of binder

Side of binder

I am going to have to look into where I got the success art for the front of my binder. I know it is on the web somewhere. I’ll edit this post once I find it again.

Do you have a home management binder? If so, will you share?


About madebyalh

I am a daughter of God, military spouse, mother of two and one who must do some sort of crafty thing daily.
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2 Responses to Home Management Notebook

  1. LIZ says:

    i don’t have a binder, but i really need one for this house of mine…thanks for the comment on my picture!!

    • madebyalh says:

      I have this thing for school supplies and organizing papers in binders. This means I always have a package of dividers and 1 or 2 binders laying around. 🙂

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