Fit friday

Good friday to you all! In an effort to be more consistent with my blogging, I’m setting up some themes. I plan to do a post each day based on that days theme. I will have other random posts too. I’m looking forward to being challenged to share about these themes that I’ve chosen.

It’s almost time for me to get my family breakfast. Since breakfast is on my mind right now, what do you eat for breakfast?

I have been working on making healthy from scratch recipes to freeze in quantities.

I also purchased some fresh fruit that I plan on cutting up and having on hand for breakfast.

Last but not least, on my hurried mornings, I make myself a protein smoothie. I use the Magic BulletΒ system and love it. I fill the cup 3/4 full of frozen fruit mixture, then use a scoop of protein powder, and a teaspoon of honey. I then carefully fill the cup to the bottom of the ring with water. This makes the perfect smoothie for me. Sometimes, I’ll substitute 2 packages of Truvia for the honey. Yum!

Do you have a tried and true quick breakfast that is your go to on busy mornings?


About madebyalh

I am a daughter of God, military spouse, mother of two and one who must do some sort of crafty thing daily.
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6 Responses to Fit friday

  1. Angela says:

    I have a magic bullet too….hmmmm…right now I use it to make my chocolate protein shakes because the powder part clumps up in a regular blender. I may have to switch it around and try my powder with some fruit like you do instead. πŸ™‚ Sounds yummy!

    I would like to figure out a way to be more consistent with my blog too. I appreciate the times your posts have given me ideas, πŸ™‚ I did a blog challenge last year that helped some, but was very technical in some ways so I got a little lost in it. I am going to stick to my Grateful Mondays and for a while I was posting pictures on Wednesdays, but I haven’t been able to take very many lately. Hope you have a lovely weekend dear! Angela

    • madebyalh says:

      I can’t stomach the protein powder any other way then with fruit. It’s really good with honey but better for you with Truvia. πŸ™‚

      Blogging consistency is such a hard thing. This is such a great outlet though so I’m doing my best to be consistent. You have to do what is best for you though. πŸ™‚ I enjoy all of your posts!

      Do you have some fun plans for the weekend?

      • Angela says:

        We do have some plans, several. I am taking a mosaic class with a friend in the morning, then going to spend a few hours at the Greek festival and find a lovely lambburger to eat. Then some friends are taking us out for my boyfriend’s birthday so should be very nice. Hope your weekend is great, and I like your sabbath idea. I use to go to services on Friday night, but they aren’t available anymore. To me it was very nice to worship on Friday evening, the beginning of Sabbath :)….Have a lovely day….Angela

      • madebyalh says:

        You plans sound fun! I hope that class unleashed some creative juices for you. Maybe you can sew today? πŸ˜€ There is a greek festival in our town today also but it’s at the same time as the Railroad festival. Hmm, you know which one will win out in this house? lol!

        My weekend has been good so far. My boys were being crabby/grouchy so I went to church alone. A good message that I am so glad I got to listen to thoroughly. I love starting Sabbath with worship! It just makes the whole day so perfect to me.

        I hope your weekend continues to be blessed!

  2. Joy McMillan says:

    We LOVE doing smoothies! Make for a quick, balanced lunch when you’re in a rush too! We use our unfortunate, little blender…but it does the trick! Way to go with freezing healthy meals…when I do make enough to do it, I’m SO thankful on those freezer days! Thanks for the inspiration.

    • madebyalh says:

      Thanks for the comment Joy! I do tend to grab the smoothies for lunch if I haven’t had one for breakfast. I’m intrigued by green smoothies but haven’t gone there yet.

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